Friday, 7 December 2018

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Our Class Dance - Cuckoo to You!

We had great fun creating this dance as a class. We brainstormed our dance steps through movement. Mrs Jackson was very impressed with the creativity shown. It was a great example of 'participating and contributing' as well - everyone had a part to play and each individual dancer added something special.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Our new Technology Unit

We are very excited about our new technology unit. We are going to be creating board games for the junior school. These games will be learning games.
To begin this unit we got together with Room 6 and played a whole lot of different board games. As we went around the different games, we evaluated the games and identified a range of different things about them such as what equipment there was and whether the instructions were easy or difficult.
It was nice to work with Room 6 and share this experience.
To begin with we brainstormed our favourite games and what made these games great to play.

Cricket with Otago Cricket

We were very lucky today to have Jess come to Outram School to teach us some cricket skills. We practiced our catching and throwing skills, then Jess taught us a great new game. Thanks for spending the morning at Outram School Jess!

Midnight Gang Drama Activities

To finish off term 3 we began a drama unit based on our class book this term 'The Midnight Gang'. We really enjoyed this great book by David Walliams.
To begin our drama learning we first completed some warm up activities that focused on using our bodies to sculpt and show a variety of things. We worked in pairs and acted as sculptor and statue, we also worked in groups to create a variety of objects or scenes. We used our bodies as props and tried to show as much as we could through gesture and expression. Having only 30 seconds for our groups to work on our image made it a real challenge! There was lots of quick thinking involved!
We are going to further develop our drama skills by recreating parts of the book in groups. We will be focusing on developing our characters, using dramatic space and using our bodies to tell a story.
In Room 7 we know that some of us find drama a bit tricky, so part of our learning has also been about giving new things a go and challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zone.

Can you see a car?
Another car

Being sculptor and statue 

Golf anyone?

This group is showing a cooked breakfast!

A washing machine

Time for some cricket